Ouro-sawou Tchassama (born 18 October 1989) better known by his stage name is an African rapper, singer, songwriter based in Siena (Italy).

Tizzy Al got his feet wet as an MC while attending high school in TOGO (west Africa), where he used to freestyle, clash along with friends.

Tizzy Al has always been surrounded with music since he was young cuz his mum sings and he used to perform many songs during school entertainment.

In 2010 he moved to italy for studies issues and there he met Zatarra il Pirata who introduced him to Italian Rap game bt kept singing in English cuz he's really keen on that language.

Tizzy Al never forget his roots, cuz as it's said "you can't hate the tree and not hate its roots" just to let u know that he is influenced by Afro beat even if rapping.

One of his influences in the rap game is Kanye West who he considers a genius bt that don't mean he doesn't like other rappers.

Beside Music he is an intellectual rapper, he studies Law at Siena's University so get ready to listen to some real shit and remember one thing "Carpe diem".

Now let's have fun! Mazel Tov


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